January 2016: It has snowed in Kobanê. About 6000 children are visiting schools in Kobanê and surrounding. Let's recall: just a year ago the city was liberated from the so-called "IS" and is lying in ruins. 

Three school buildings could be repaired and renovated. For the reconstruction of destroyed buildings, they are missing the construction materials. Since the border crossing was closed by the turkish government, the reconstruction proceeds slowly.

In the month of December alone, we could collect 6000€ of donations. Many thanks to all donors!

On december 15th 2015, a lecture and a concert took place in Berlin in favor of the initiative "a school for Kobanê". The atmosphere was great and we could inform on the situation in northern syria and rojava. A warm thank you to the organisators! On the evening we could collect donations worth 465€!  An overview of the actions to support our initiative can be found here (soon)


Benefit party - children.future.hope

The initiative "a school for Kobanê" invites you to our benefit party that takes place in the "Import-Export" on November 21st in Munich.

Soon details will follow about bands and DJs.

August 28th 2015: This picture is reaching us from Kobanê. Under the conditions of war, the schoolbuilding was renovated. Now we are focusing on the school material!s

August 9th 2015: The latest news make it clear, that the conflict region is rather expanding than that a peaceful perspective is reached. Precisely against this development we are opposing, not only symbolically: In the next weeks we want to bring notebooks, pens and school furniture to Kobanê. Peace as a hope shall not be forgotten.

June 27th 2015: At the latest after the attacks of 'IS' in Tunisia, France, Kobanê and Kuwait it has become clear that terror knows no boundaries. Our solidarity should also know no borders. Now more than ever.

Beginning of Juli: More than  5000 Signers!

Originally we 'only' wanted to commit for the reconstruction of schools in Kobanê. However, we have one major obstacle for this endeavor: the borders from Turkey are kept closed! This makes it very difficult to reconstruct the city and to ensure basic supplies of  100.000 people. Therefore, we wrote an open letter to the german minister of foreign affairs Frank Steinmeier to put pressure on turkey to open the borders. Please support the petition with your signature.

Open borders for aid shipments to Kobanê!

Donations paid (June 1st 2015): 5475,33€. Our gratitude to all donors!



The city Kobane has become a symbol. Widely abandoned by the world community alone and besieged by the bands of the 'IS', Kobanè represents the resistance against any form of oppression. Kobanè is the symbol for the democratic awakening in a region that is ruined by war. Kobanè is one of the largest cities in the self-governing region Rojava, located in the Kurdish part of Syria, which also has a democratic constitution.
To give the children of Kobanè a perspective, we will support the construction of a school in the mostly destroyed city. We manifest our hope for a civil structure through this project/undertaking. Kobanè was not alone in the terrible days of war and won't be left alone from us when it comes to reconstruction.

February 20th 2015: Site of a school in Kobanê. Before the destruction, children could be educated in the former school. Now it's important to push forward the reconstruction. For that, a corridor from turkey is required that allows the delivery of supplies.

August 22nd 2015: The "Dresdner SC" a sport club from Dresden donated 200€ for "A School for Kobanê". Much obliged! We were on site to receive the cheque. The atmosphere among the fans was impressive and it was fun in Dresden. We can really recommend a visit in the arena of the Dresden SC!

July 11th 2015: In a street festival in Berlin, there was a stand where we made and sold "solidarity burgers" in favor of "A School for Kobanê". Five hours we fried delicious vegetarian Burgers after Kalle's receipe. Many thanks to Kalle and his house project for the preparation and their support of our project!

'HAWAR -  Meine Reise in den Genozid' (Hawar - my travel in the genocide) is documentary by Düzen Tekkal.  It reports on the horrible events in the Sindschar mountains August 2014. The movie will be in the cinemas in october.